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Wednesday, January 13, 2010


We have a long, cold, hard, and wonderful winter on out hands…Green Frog is happy. Cold weather does two great things in my life: increases coffee sales and kills ladybugs. Although I believe ladybugs are beautiful, I never fell in love with the idea of them getting in bed with me this Fall. Thousands of "the girls" took over my house and continually kept my vacuum cleaner busy. So during this recent cold snap I held vigil by the thermometer watching the mercury slowly dip ridding my antebellum home of "the girls". A few have proven tough as nails like my mother and in spite of single digit temperatures continue to try to fly to freedom through a quarter inch thick piece of glass. But don’t call them stupid, we as human have a tendency to repeatedly try to do things we know won’t work as well: like opening something and trying to make it fit back into the box it came out of- impossible people!

The cold snap has helped business at Green Frog Coffee. People have been filing in to grab a hot bowl of our delicious home made chicken stew and hot sweet and spicy chili. People are amazed at the fact that you can actually find huge chunks of chicken and beef in their bowl. Because we make it by hand, we can ensure you get your money’s worth. And we guarantee it won’t taste anything like a can.

People are also finding comfort in holding any one of our several custom coffee drinks in their hand. By far the most popular is the Dirty Snowman, a mixture of premium white chocolate, toffee nut, espresso and steamed milk. When I was creating this drink I started by trying to come up with something that reminded me of snow cream from my childhood and then added a shot of espresso to it, thus the Dirty Snowman.

We had a recent dilemma with a white chocolate shipment that got lost in Chicago and we had to deal with two days of not being able to make some of our drinks. Ultimately we solved the problem our self by driving to Chicago in the middle of a snowstorm and picking it up to bring it back home. Our customers mean so much to us that we are willing to go to any length (and distance) to make them happy. My dad always taught me there is a hundred ways to fix something so there is no excuse for it to be broke.

There has also been some confusion over whether or not Ja Ja’s is staying open. Sales really struggle here in the winter months but we are not closing the birthplace of Green Frog Coffee Co. It is simply the coziest, cutest place in America and we know it is just a matter of time until everyone discovers the hidden oasis in Crockett County on Hwy 412. A story about Ja Ja’s and Green Frog Village is airing on Tennessee Crossroads on January 14th and 17th. Check it out!

I am excited to tell you about a few changes coming up at Green Frog. First, we will be adding a new flavored bean to the shelf for brewing your own perfect cup. The Dirty Snowman flavored coffee beans will make their debut in February... and this is this most exciting news since Neil Armstrong stepped on the round piece of butter up in the night sky. We will also be adding a daily dollar menu in February for side items for your large drinks. When you order a large drink, you can get certain items on certain days for a dollar. The special dollar items/days will be- muffin Monday, toasty Tuesday(bagel), warm Wednesday (giant cookie), tadpole Thursday (ice cream), frappe Friday ($1 off large), sausage roll Saturday, and secret Sunday (you'll have to come to find out). We will also be adding cherry danish to the menu as well as Mississippi mud cake. Also, don't forget with our new travel mugs you get 10% off any large hot drink. I think you're going to love the changes.

We are also revamping our website to add a Frogcast (weather feature), update the photos, add information about our catering service, and get our online store working. We should have our Green Frog gift boxes ready by Valentine's Day to ship anywhere in the world. We are excited about the opportunity of Internet sales. We have already shipped T-Shirts to Europe.

Again, we want to facilitate community with our stores. So bring the family, bring friends, or even bring a bible and sit by a fireplace, surf the web, or just stare out the window and consider the wonder of life. We hope you continue to visit our FrogBlog and keep in touch with this miracle in progress. You are a critical part of the story, and it is far from finished.


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