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Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Fall and Winter are my two favorite seasons for the simple reason I can drink my vanilla lattes and not overheat. I tried one about two weeks ago when it was in the mid nineties and ended up having to take a cold shower just to get to sleep. We have several die hard hot-drink customers who don't let up in the summer and I am convinced they must eat dry ice when they get up in the morning. So needless to say, the past few days of 70 degree weather in July have been a true God send for me.

We have recently work out a relationship with Carolyn, our baker, to make our fried pies in our own Green Frog kitchen at Green Frog Village in Alamo. We are excited about having Carolyn as a new employee and even more excited about the fact I can sneak in the kitchen from time to time and grab a hot fresh fried pie. We are currently using our own blackberries for our filling. We also have chocolate, peach, pecan, strawberry and apple. I was eating a blackberry fried pie every day but now I am addicted to our homemade brownies. Occasionally I eat both- confession is good for the heart. I simply maintain my physique by swatting mosquitoes on a ladder.

I have been working on painting and caulking my 101 year old house lately. I guess if I were that old I might need some caulk and paint too. Between a cat walking across wet paint lids, wasp dive bombing me on a ladder, and heat producing a baked on finish, I have walked away from the experience refreshed and reminded why I don't paint houses for a living. I also got a bit of tan and a few honks, I like to think it was attractive women and not just a friend being friendly.

Business has remained remarkably steady during the summer thanks to our loyal and faithful customers. We have been working hard to try to continue to bring you fresh high quality products and have even introduced new products along the way. The dirty snowman ice cream continues to fly out of the tub, as does the banana pudding. By the way if you heard the rumor that Roger, our Mennonite diary man, moved to an island off the coast of Canada you heard correctly. But don't worry, another Mennonite family is assuming the dairy operations and we will continue to get our sinfully high butter fat cream from them.

Again, thank you for your support and for blessings us with your presence. Hope the Summer treats you well, if not, eat dry ice (just a joke- I think it is poisonous). A better solution is to come stick your head in a bucket of our homemade ice cream (just a joke- I think it is against health code) Rules ruin life sometimes....but, they keep us alive, and that is seriously something to think about.