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Saturday, December 19, 2009


On Monday Dec 14th, five hundred miles away from Green Frog Coffee Co, a storm was brewing in Chicago. It would be a storm that would later be referred to as the Dirty Snowman Disaster of 2009. It would eventually affect the lives of hundreds of devoted white mocha, Dirty Snowman, and Frostie fans, bringing these celebrated addicts to the brink of insanity. No one saw it coming, until it had everybody by the throat.

Early that morning in West Tennessee everything appeared normal and festive at all three Green Frog locations. Jackson had a great early crowd going crazy for the homemade quiche, Ja Ja's had customers huddled around the space heater drinking hot chocolate, and Java Cafe was constantly pushing delicious hot drinks out of their drive thru window. Customers were happy, employees were busy, and managers were confident. It was the calm before the storm.

By Monday night the store managers had all placed their orders with vendors in preparation for the busiest week of the year at Green Frog Coffee Co. Everything was in place for timely arrivals and a smooth holiday weekend. However, while they were sleeping Monday night, a pallet of white chocolate set stranded on a lonely dock in Chicago, IL as the nightmare came to life.

The white chocolate, supposedly in transit, set unnoticed for three days before a inquiry alerted the shipping company it was not on its way to Dyersburg. All three stores were running low on white chocolate and quickly a plan was in place to avert disaster. But little did Timm realize you never throw a pass to someone who just dropped the ball.

The new plan was a next day air shipment from Dallas, but again someone in shipping coded the order regular ground and instead of flying out of Dallas, it crawled out on a brown truck. The discovery of the mistake led Timm to assume his suppressed personality of "Hammer" when dealing with the shipping company. The two hour conversation led to another new plan for next day air saturday shipping to all three locations, but Timm's confidence was low.

Having dealt with dissappointed white chocolate customers all day on Friday, Timm devised his own radical plan: have someone drive to Chicago and get the chocolate themselves. So at 6:30pm Shawn Smith, a trained barista, and Adam Ozment, a renowned navigator, left Dyersburg in a white 2004 Nissan Truck headed for a 2am dock pickup in Chicago. They bravely drove into the face of the storm, literally.

Loaded with energy drinks, a double cheeseburger, and peanuts they made the five hundred mile trek into a dangerous snow storm but still arrived on time to load their precious cargo of white chocolate just before the trucking company closed for the weekend. They then proceeded to cautiously drive back home on an icy interstate impeded by traffic jams enhanced by the poor driving conditions. After a total of sixteen hours of driving through the night they arrived at Java Cafe at 11am Saturday morning.

After a thirty-six hour period of no white mocha, the first white mocha was served at 11:02am and the first Dirty Snowman was served at 11:06. Meanwhile in Jackson an earlier next day air shipment had arrived where the first Dirty Snowman was served at 9:02. These times are critical in history, the equivalent of when man stepped on the moon, when the Berlin wall fell, and when the first Krispy Kreme rolled out of the glaze. We will always remember this hard yet rewarding period of our story. And yes, we have learned some lessons, and here they are:

1. Don't get people addicted to Dirty Snowmen and run out of white chocolate.
2. Drive to Chicago as soon as you find out there has been a mistake.
3. When you have to tell someone you are out of white chocolate it feels like you are telling them you ran over their cat, twice.
4. College kids are dependable, more so than a big company.
5. It doesn't matter whose fault it is. When you own a business its your responsibility.
6. 36 hours without a white mocha is considered detox.


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December 29, 2009 9:16 PM  
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I love the Dirty Snowman and I loved this story, that's why GF is my fav!!!

January 13, 2010 10:06 AM  

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